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What will be hot and where in 2014.

Social Media investment will be crucial

Many businesses recognise the importance of Social Media, but do they realise it will be crucial for success in 2014. Hiring Social Media experts will become a vital tool for any business and will be required to aid business development; Increase web traffic, generate leads and ensure your business doesn’t fade into the background.


Google + will stand out and shine

You can’t deny the potential that Google + has, incorporating all of the Google product interactions into one personalized web experience, it’s already the perfect model for success. Google + will build on its current monthly users and catapult itself throughout the next year and into 2015.


Linkedin will become invaluable

Linkedin has over 240 million users and is about to become the primary social networking player in the B2B market. It is the only real social networking choice for professionals so having a Linkedin profile for both business and the individual will be a necessity.


Image networks will grow

The use of sharing content through image and video, rather than simply by text, will be magnified in 2014. Visual content will need to be considered in any content strategy and will also be crucial to its success.


Micro video apps will rise above the rest

We will watch and engage as micro video apps such as instagram and snapchat make it even easier for users to share videos from their smartphones. This alone will create a rise in video-based social media.




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