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A Blogging Business

There are many definitions of a blog out there but we think these pretty much some it up;

“Blogging is an interactive form of publishing content on the web. It comes from the term “web log.” The act of blogging dates back to the late 1990s, and has become a dominant way of self-publishing in the 2000s”. Source

“A blog (a truncation of the expression web log) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first). Source

When designing a new website we almost always include a blog. Some clients already have one but many don’t and our opinion is that you should.

A powerful marketing tool, your blog has many purposes. These include:

  • Brand awareness and enhancing your brand
  • Lead generation
  • Positioning yourself as an industry leader and experts in your field
  • Sharing your knowledge
  • Developing relationships

Even some of the most brilliant web design will only be successful if people know that you are there. Blogging is also a great asset to help boost your SEO. Although blogging can be spontaneous it’s also good to have a strategy in mind. Regular blogging that is well placed can help you to

  • Encourage more crawling – the more posts, the more your site gets crawled
  • Penetrate more keywords
  • Generate social signals
  • Drive more organic traffic

Just having a blog or being a blogger isn’t always enough though. If you are going to spend valuable time on one of the latest social trends then make sure you are doing it right in order for you to gain the most from it as a business.


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